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Please review a few of our non-solicited testimonials submitted to us by the media, and industry leading poetic community members.

“Amazing book of poetry.  If you loved Rumi’s poetry, you are going to love Vincent’s poetry.  It’s a beautiful gift.” -Michele Blood, Author and Motivational Speaker.

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“Optics is an insightful collection of lyrical and mystical poetry. Religious and spiritual themes intertwine with the refreshing wonder of simply being alive. An emotional and spiritually evocative anthology.”Midwest Book Review

“The product of Gilliam’s life’s work and exploration of spiritual traditions, the poems reflect his mystical experiences combined with his Ph.D. studies in Humanities and Religious Studies and are meant to inspire, enlighten and entertain, intellectually and above all spiritually.” —ForeWord Magazine

“My dear Vincent, Isaiah begins, perhaps, to be more real for me, and Job, perhaps to be more real for you. Certainly, judging from the enclosed poem–the poem you sent to me–God, for you is less, now, a metaphor for your salvation than the chariot which carries you into an endless battle.” —James Baldwin, the late revered author of Go Tell It on the Mountain and The Fire Next Time.

“This book is a masterpiece.  It has changed my life!”—John Perkins, Entrepreneur and Publisher.

Dear Dr. Gilliam, Your words of poetry are words of love that mark our souls as we reach out in darkness only to discover light. Thank you for leading us to this level of beauty, this awesome light we will cherish forever.”—Marlyn Thistleton, the late Administrator of Pediatrics at the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey.
(Marlyn died on Feb. 4, 2007, after a long fight with cancer. She found great solace in Gilliam’s book, Optics, during her illness.)

Optics: The Mystical Poet’s Guide to the Science of Inner Sight by Vincent Carver Gilliam is a spiritual wakening with many sources for the discovery and re-discovery of meaning in our lives. One is led boldly, yet so gently, into places of wonder, awe, peace and beauty—while being embraced in the moment of the poetry—and daring to live in a universe created with heights and depths. We even dare to dance unashamedly and unapologetically to the music of the poetry which leads us into a light yet unknown — inner sight.
—Rev. James H. Hargett, M. Div., D. Div., Yale Divinity School, and Loulyn F. Hargett, M.A., Ed. D.


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