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Download Audio Files: Apothegms to Paradise – $1.99

These three short poems were inspired by Jewish mysticism and, in turn, from its reference to Jacob’s ladder in the Bible.  In Jacob’s dream, the ladder reached from Earth to Heaven, and according to a Hasidic legend, souls descended from heaven to earth on a long ladder, and must live in such a way, through good deeds, to ascend or return.  In the Jewish mystical traditions of the Kabbalah, there are many rungs, and the ladder represents the metaphorical voice of prayer.  Through prayer human consciousness rises from rung to rung, until spiritual awareness is truly elevated to the heights of heaven.   In these poetic and mystical apothegms, Dr. Gilliam provides three rungs for his ladder of awakening: the first rung is the spiritual foundation that we should establish with our actions; the second is the nature and degree of knowledge—the wisdom, both non-discursive and existential—that we are to acquire; and the third rung is that of our realization/Divine union, which is of necessity the culmination of every journey.

Download Audio File : Canticles For Christ – $2.99

Canticles is a collection of seven mystical love poems, whose title was selected to echo that of The Spiritual Canticle, bySt. John of the Cross: the primary subject of Dr. Gilliam’s doctoral thesis.   These poems exemplify the mood and spirit of Christian mystical poetry, and are reminiscent of the inspired works of several Christian mystics: such as St. Francis of Assisi; Bernard of Clairvaux (whose work drew special attention to the importance Christian mystics placed on the Song of Songs); as well as William Blake, John Donne and the metaphysical poets, and the author’s favorite modern poet Yeats.  This set of poems includes among others: Thanksgiving; The Kiss, acknowledging the author’s divine call; and a liturgical poem, a psalm, Benediction.

 Download Audio File: Pillars for the Sufi – $2.99

This is a collection of seven poems, inspired by the five Pillars of religion and the Sufi mystical teachings of Islam.  These pillars are the spiritual foundation and inspiration for the writing of Hafiz, Rumi, Ibn al-Arabi, Kabir.   The first pillar is the acknowledgment and acceptance of One God and His Prophet; the second pillar is prayer, which is to be done five designated times daily; the third is fasting during the month of Ramadan; the fourth, the cornerstone of charity; and the fifth, pilgrimage to the holy land.  These poems were written after a series of profound mystical experiences, and the music in this poetry is the very clear result.  Dr. Gilliam dates and attributes this gift of music in his subsequent poetry to the occasion of these divine, ecstatic experiences.

Download Audio Files : Sonnets for the Four Seasons – $1.99

The Sonnets are a collection of four poems, dedicated to the Four Seasons, and intentionally pay homage to Vivaldi, Virgil and Shakespeare, as masters of aesthetic form, beauty and musicality.  They were written in free verse (vers libre), but appear in the style and stanzaic arrangement of a Shakespearean sonnet.

Download Audio Files : Eight Poems of Love – $3.99

A wonderful multi-pack of eight poems of love, included in one simple download.

Download Single Audio Files : Benediction – $0.99

A benediction is the invocation of a blessing said or written to inspire us to connect with the Divine within us. While a benediction is traditionally used to conclude worship, like a psalm, these words can also be used as a prayer.

Download Single Audio Files : Birth – $0.99

A poem expressing love that issues forth with the birth of a soul in human form: a birth from paradise into a dream that we call the world and existential reality. This poem is metaphorically autobiographical.

Download Single Audio Files : Charity – $0.99

This poem embodies the practice of compassionate giving, and the virtue of generosity, love and kindness.  Love bestows on us the feelings of abundance and gratitude that are expressed in this poem as a limitless, undiminishable quantity.

Download Single Audio Files : Grenadian Requiem - $0.99

A requiem poem, raising its timeless voice in solidarity with the 99%, and the Occupy America movement.  Originally written for the struggle for democracy in Grenada, when that country’s popular government had been overthrown by a military coup, and the United States invaded briefly in order to rescue a significant number of Americans on the island.  The poem expresses the sentiments of a people’s struggle for democracy and exhorts itself solemnly and mournfully against war, in general both for the occasion then, and due to the timelessness of its message, in our time and across the world today.

Download Single Audio File : Optics – $0.99

A poetic prose poem.  It describes the complexities and challenges of our spiritual journeys, which start once we are born.  The poem outlines and develops the process of discovery in our lives, which it declares to be our journeying.  This poem is metaphorically autobiographical.

Download Single Audio File : Thanksgiving – $0.99

A poem of gratitude and love: it gives thanks for the bountiful harvest in our lives, while, at the same time, it beseeches divine blessings be granted for those many, many hands, belonging to all who contribute to what we receive, and by which we ourselves are so richly benefited and blessed.  This is a wonderful poem to share with others on Thanksgiving Day, or on any day, when we break bread together and are moved to give thanks.

Download Single Audio File : The Gift – $0.99

A poem embracing the gift of love, shared in intimacy in the garden of abundance, filled with light.  It alludes quite indirectly to the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, as the four kinds of trees in the garden.

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