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Purchase Optics Book – BOOK – $19.95

The author’s mystical experiences combined with his Ph.D. studies in Humanities and Religious Studies give his poetry a unique and inspirational quality.

Satisfy your hunger for inspirational poetry with the mystical poems in Optics, written in English, not translated, not interpreted, neither diffused nor mediated by a secondary source.   Experience the emotions, imagery and beauty of these works directly, not vicariously through translations.

Download Digital BOOK Copy – $9.95


Audio CD (enhanced) – CD-Rom $12.95

This CD contains poetry readings, originally delivered over the radio, by the author from his book of lyrical and mystical poetry, Optics.

In addition to the audio poetry readings, this CD is enhanced with bonus MULTIMEDIA materials that are compatible with Windows PC computers (remastered and enhanced
by H. K. Gilliam, M.F.A.).

As inspiring and melodious as this poetry is, it will, at the same time, carry you to ever newer heights of awareness and feeling , with its richly descriptive and innovative imagery.

Download Digital CD Copy – $9.95


Optics Book with Enhanced Audio CD – BOOK & CD-Rom $29.95

Read this book and experience again the music of poetry!!

The special Deluxe version combines the collection of lyrical and mystical poems in Optics: The Mystical Poet’s Guide to the Science of Inner Sight, with an audio CD of the poet reading selected poems and sharing directly the melody in his poetry with you: work, until now, the author has never formally agreed to release.

  • Audio CD is enhanced with bonus multimedia materials that are compatible with Windows PC computers.
  • Optics was nominated for the 2006 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry.

Some of the poetry on the CD was originally read live and delivered over the radio in Berkeley, California.

Included in the book is its original prefatory letter written to the author by James Baldwin.

Download Digital BOOK/CD Bundle – $18.95

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