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Since the creation of PoeticProse.com, our mission has been to inspire, awaken and empower people to express their creativity and live spiritually-fulfilling lives, through poetry, and mystical literature and thought. We welcome all of you seeking Love, Happiness, Prosperity, Inner Peace, Harmony, and Well Being.

The primary contributor and creator of PoeticProse.com and the Founding Fellow and patriarch of Apollo’s Academy is Vincent Carver Gilliam, PhD. is considered by many to be one of the most diverse writers of his generation. Beyond his literary accomplishments he is also a mystic, a teacher, a philosopher, and an erstwhile polyglot. His book of mystical and lyrical poetry, Optics: The Mystical Poet’s Guide to the Science of Inner Sight, was nominated and considered for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry.

Our primary goal with this website is to share our vision of how poetry, especially how the love in mystical poetry, can touch and open our hearts, can be appreciated by the mind for its richness in language and its profundity of thought, and thereby nourish and enrich the soul in its spiritual quest toward union.

Poetry in its highest lyrical and melodious form—as found in the best mystical poetry—can be an instrument to awaken our inner light, provide us with a primary metaphor with which to experience the sublime, and unite us with the divine at the center of our being. When we read and listen to mystical poetry, we will of necessity, discover and begin experiencing some of the spiritual reality which underlies all life, and which is the source of its inspiration.

The by-products of connecting with the divinity within each of us and of leading spiritually-fulfilling lives in fact are: love, prosperity, happiness, harmony, well-being, and all the other goods that humankind has always sought and seeks—culminating in joy, union, and “the peace that passes all understanding.”

Biography of Vincent Carver Gilliam:

Vincent Carver Gilliam has a B.A. in English Literature, an M.A., and a double Ph.D. in Religious Studies and Humanities, all earned from Stanford University. He is a creative writer and thinker with an extensive academic and professional background in literary and mystical scholarship, at Stanford, Berkeley, and the University of Chicago. His book, The Evolution of the Mystical Language of Love in San Juan de la Cruz, attests to these facts.

His profound mystical experiences were transformative, and led to the outpouring of his mystical poetry. He has studied in depth the languages, and religious traditions of several cultures. In addition to his academic background, Dr. Gilliam attended seminary and earned the degree Master of Religion from the School of Theology at Claremont, and was ordained by the United Church of Christ, and held several positions as a minister.

Besides his teaching and reciting his poetry at many public venues, such as most memorably the Pasadena Convention Center for the World Symposium on the Humanities, he also hosted his own Radio Talk show on KPFA in Berkeley, and in his early youth, Dr. Gilliam worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Brazil.

 Dr. Gilliam has been listed in the Who’s Who in Education, Who’s Who in Religion, and in every Who’s Who in America since the early 1990’s, as well as in the Dictionary of International Biography, vol. xxiii, 1995, (Cambridge, England).

Today Dr. Gilliam spends his days sharing his vast knowledge and experience through several published books, blogs, columns and lectures. With Dr. Nandini Katre (Biophysicist / Biochemist with Ph.D. from Univeristy of Pennsylvania), who is researching the emerging exploration of Science and Spirituality,  Dr. Gilliam is also establishing The Apollo’s Academy. This academy, an online educational platform, will be ready to launch in late 2011.

His book, Optics: The Mystical Poet’s Guide to the Science of Inner Sight and other samples of his work can be purchased and downloaded from this website. Please visit our Products Page to learn more.

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